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The Maryland Province Jesuits, stretching from Southern New Jersey down through Georgia, is home to approximately 300 Jesuits. These include men in formation on the path to priesthood, as well as senior Jesuits, many of whom require daily nursing care. The apostolic works associated with the province vary and include universities, high schools, pre-secondary schools, parishes, retreat centers and centers for social action. The provincial is responsible for the Jesuits, attentive to both their spiritual and physical well-being.


Formation of Jesuits

Preparing men who are pursuing a call to become priests or brothers is one of our most important missions. These Jesuits; future pastors, educators and mission workers, are following in the steps of St. Ignatius in their dedication to Jesus and living to serve others. Today it costs almost $50,000 a year to support each Jesuit in formation – a process that can take upwards of ten years.

Care of Senior and Infirm Jesuits

When Jesuits reach the end of active ministry and require medical assistance, they most often reside in Jesuit communities that provide a home of companionship and skilled nursing care. After a lifetime of seeing to the needs of others, it is important to make sure that our senior Jesuits are well taken care of as they continue to pray for the Church and the Society of Jesus.


Apostolic Work

Jesuits minister in high schools, universities, retreat centers, parishes and countless other apostolic works. Whether mentoring students on faith and academics, leading retreats on Ignatian Spirituality or shepherding parishes in works of social justice, Jesuits “awaken the world” as Pope Francis says about all those in consecrated life.

Mission Work

Here and abroad, many Jesuits dedicate their lives to serving those that the world has forgotten. The poorest of the poor, the homeless, refugees, the sick and dying; are all served by the ministries of our Jesuits. They truly sacrifice their own comforts and conveniences to go where the needs are greatest.

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